Bottle Caps…..Bats…..and Unique Cars…..


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Today we went to the Human Rights Festival in Athens, Georgia….while there we saw two unique autos.

The first one was an old truck completely covered in Bottle Caps…




The second car was a hatch back cover with….well…I really don’t know what the theme was except a mixture of images…..frogs…horseshoes….devils…




Angels and Saints…….

DSC_0011Must confess the frog and bat are my favorite…..but the spirit of these artists really captured my attention and imagination….they acted with full courage to bring their vision to the public and the tenacity to make their visions came to reality.

There is definitely a lesson in there for me….




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So for the last 7 months I have been adjusting to a new job….

To help adjust to this new step in life….I try to walk during my lunch hour….and occasionally…. I have the camera in tow…

So on this day I focused on walking paths….I figured a change in my life’s path deserved to be reflected on camera…

This first picture is of a foot crossing over the a very busy road….


This second picture…as you can tell is of a set of super steep steps….


This last picture is of an iron gate that leads out from an old garden complete with a fountain..



Pink House with Green Shutters…..


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I want to live in a PINK house with GREEN shutters….in PARIS.

Today on Instagram @vuthears a very talented artist living in Paris….posted a Parisian street photo…he is always posting beautiful pictures of Paris…and today’s photo of a little pink cafe really made me want to go back to Paris….like right now!

So in my own little way I salute Paris….and it’s artists….with this simple drawing.


First HDR photos……


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I have used Lightroom  for processing RAW photos for some time now….but really wanted to try taking photos using the HDR process. So finally got software that can layer the bracketed photos….and here is my first try at it.

These are not the greatest  HDR photos….but I was so excited to have finally been able to do HDR photos just had to share them any way…

Both of these photos were taken just a few miles from our house. I pass these fields everyday on my way to work.

The first photo is of a pecan tree with thunder clouds in the background….pecans are one of the last trees in our area to put on leaves in the spring…so the tree is looking a little sparse. ..but this allowed the sky to seep through the branches.


This second picture is of a stand of manicured pines taken in the early evening on my drive home….the rancher of this property keeps his fields and fences in top shape… the morning the sun rises up through pines….hopefully some morning I’ll have the time to stop and get a picture of the sunrise…


This picture turned out a little over the top….since I really raised the contrast and clarity sliders in Lightroom during the processing step… It may be a little much and overly punchy….but felt it made for a visually stimulating shot and left it that way.

or maybe that was just the way I was feeling…..


Singing Finch….


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This little guy was singing his heart out…so to say…right outside of our house.

So for a little while last Sunday afternoon I pretended to have my own photography reality show. First, I combined two lawn chairs together…. covered myself with one of the kids blankets, then sat as still as I could with only the tip of my 300 mm lens peeking out from under the blanket.

Then along came this handsome fellow….


Pretending to be in Japan….


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Last week, I came across a row of Cherry Trees in full bloom…I grabbed my camera and started shooting. I have always dreamed about visiting Japan and following the blooming of the Cherry Trees. So for a little while while under the Georgia sun….I pretended to be in Japan.



Happy pretending everyone!!!!


Flowering Magnolia…..


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The other day I came across leafless tree full of white blooms. From a distance the flowers looked very daisy like….after asking around I found out the tree was in the Mongolia family.

They day I shot these photos the sky was completely overcast….hence the images are a little flat….but it rained the next day and not a single bloom was left after the downpour…so I was really glad I took the pictures while I had the chance.




Orchids at the Georgia Botanical Garden…


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It has been raining a lot here in Georgia…so last week for lunch I went to the University of Georgia’a State Botanical Garden. The conservatory always has an area for orchids, but that day orchids were everywhere. Hundreds of blooms….everywhere….



A kind elderly volunteer with a warm smile made comments on the flowers as he floated around meeting the guests…was a great hour spent!





Sequoia National Forest….


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At 12…. I was an avid National Geographic watcher and reader….well maybe picture reader. Can’t believe I didn’t major in photojournalism or biology.

The photo that got me hooked on the wonderment of these trees…was an image of a car driving through the bottom of a Sequoia. I remember making I promise to myself that day, to go out west and see a Sequoia for myself.

Finally got to go… and that day was my birthday…I turned 46.

Me and my son standing inside a giant Sequoia...

Me and my son standing inside a giant Sequoia…



One of the giants had fallen kids are pictured here....think you get the idea how small people are next to these trees.

One of the giants had fallen down….my kids are pictured here….think you get the idea how small people are next to these trees.


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