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Years ago when my family visited the Hoover Dam, the thing that caught my attention there were the  Art Deco Angels.The mixture of strong angles and smooth forms are appealing. Art Deco is an artistic style that began in Paris around the 1920’s and is a favorite of mine.

Here I have mixed, Art Deco with a hint of Cubism to create this mixed medium Angel. The process for this piece began as a simple drawing in a small notebook. From there the image was transferred onto tracing paper and then with the help of transfer paper onto a 5×7 canvas.

The drawing on the canvas was strengthened with acrylic burnt umber and then the image of the angel was given an acrylic wash of yellow orche. The background was left white so the white canvas could illuminate light through the clear beads.

True to Art Deco coloring are strong greens in the angel’s garments and orange-reds for the angel’s hair. The halo is tied to the angel’s wing with orche colored bugle beads and the background and halo are clear bugle beads.

The face, hair, and neck of the angel were painting in oil and then sealed with a clear glaze. The clear glaze gives the painted area luminosity and also provides protection to the painted area.

While working on this piece my prayers were focused on folks coming to know and appreciate omnipresence of God. So to often we are unaware of the guiding hand of God that is always with us. I hope your heart is filled with the peace of God and your eyes enabled to see the ever presence of God’s angels in your life.