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The picture of this painting is fair representation of the actual colors of the painting, but I think you get the idea. The dark brownish-red tree trunk pops on the yellow background. The red flowers accent the reddish tones and give a dark contrast next to the light ground.

This painting was done in several steps the first being the drawing. The drawing was laid straight on to the canvas with  pencil. Second step was to cover the entire canvas with a golden yellow acrylic.  The third step was to lay the flowers, buds, and tree trunk out in acrylic. Acrylics are used in these preliminary steps because of the fast drying properties of acrylic paints.

All the final stages are done in oils. Oil paints have a luster and can be varnished to protect the painting and create a deep rich color. The yellows used were yellow ochre, Naples yellow mixed with white in places. The yellows are darker around the canvas edges and gradually get lighter toward the tree trunk. This gives the trunk a slight glow.

The flowers are a mix of crimson red and cadmium red. The trunk is a  simple mix of crimson and burnt umber. A hint of black was used to create knots on the trunk.