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Matisse said, “Exactitude is not truth”…… Simple saying yet when pondered deep truth. The eye and the mind are always tricking us…..making us think we know something because we saw, heard, or felt it.

I would dare to say Matisse was more interested in capturing what he felt about his subject than what he saw on his canvas. I must admit it has taken me to long to appreciate the complexity of Matisse’s simplicity. Long Live Matisse!

Pictured below is a Matisse drawing of a pitcher and flowers. Pictured below Matisse’s drawing is a painting I did based on his drawing.

matiss vase

matisse flowers

The goal was not to make an exact painting of a vase with flowers, I have a camera for that, but I wanted to express my feeling of it. Peach tones, yellows, purples and gray-blacks were the colors that captured the feelings being made by the visual.

Although there are some areas that could be re-worked…..I think I’ll stop here….overall I like this piece and will consider it done.