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Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage” and indeed I would have to agree with Matisse. With the first stroke or mark the judgement is on. The viewer may like what you have done or hate it. But none the less for the artist, putting down what is inside one’s self in line and color is not just a fancy but a necessity.

Pictured below is Matisse’s 1907 portrait of Madame Matisse. 250px-Matisse_mme-matisse-madras (250x314)What draws me to Matisse’s portraits is the combination of simplicity and complexity. Keeping with the spirit of Matisse, I adapted this portrait to make a portrait of my own.matisee angel

If Angels have nationalities, this one would have to be French.  Painting the white-collar against the darker garment colors was quite fun and the dark light effect is pleasing. Simplifying the facial features was really a plus, because it enabled me to focus more on composition, form and color.

I hope you can work up some Matisse like courage and create your own little masterpiece….matisse angel 1.      Thanks! matisse angel2