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Below is pictured an oil painting of a little island on stretched canvas. I used very thick layered paint to create a misty look. I got to visit the island this year and below is the story behind the painting…..

This summer was full of outdoor adventures. As a Georgia State Park Naturalist, I get to met and do outdoor stuff with people who like to do and be outside. The park where I work surrounded on three sides by a beauty lake. Off our shores are several little islands of which I have been dying to visit. I finally got my chance this past fall with 4 other ladies to visit one of the most notable islands.

We took off around 10am in canoes and a kayak. The head wind to the island was brutal and the journey took us a little longer than expected, but once there we were able to relax with lunch and a round of apple juice.

The island itself is small, about 60 feet across. We landed on the south side, which has a little beach, where we parked our boats. A short hike to the interior of the island led us to some makeshift seats and a fire ring. There we let our muscles re-coop and ate our lunch.

On the way back, we spotted one of our park resident Bald Eagles. I never grow tired of seeing those guys. No matter how many times I see them, my heart always races when I see them or hear their call. Over all the day was perfect.

A few weeks later, I experienced the island in a much different way. Being a Naturalist, I am outside rain or shine and on this particular day it rained non-stop all day. Part of my job is checking on campers, so on this rainy day I was checking on a hardy group of campers and from their camping spot, I could see the little island. The rain was so heavy the island nearly disappeared. Only the darkest colors of the island where visible and the edges of the island fused mysteriously with the lake.

So the painting below is a combination of these two experiences….a lovely day with a group of canoers and a very rainy day of wet boots and rain gear.


Pictured below are the ladies I went island hunting with…..that’s me in the middle.


See ya outside soon….