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So what do you do? That question has caused me much grief over the years….not that it is a bad question….but how do I answer it?

You know…all the stuff that goes behind such a loaded question like this one. Am I successful? Do I measure up? Is the person asking me the question…sizing me up?

I come from a long line of Jack-of-all-Trades…my ancestors weren’t drifters…but they did have a bit of gypsy in them. My Dad’s side came from the mountains of North Carolina. My Dad’s brothers taught me how to fix cars, roof houses, and generally how to fix almost anything. My Mom’s side came from northern Alabama and almost all of them had a stubborn artistic streak of one kind or another.

So what do I do? ….instead….I like to think in terms of what I have become. I have become a person that I like hanging out with…I have the freedom to be artistic on my own terms…I get to go on adventures with my family…and most importantly I get to view life from a different point of view….

I do have a job…but what my paying job is…is not important.

Instead…I’m an explorer of life and I have all the fun of capturing life as I see it….even if it’s a cow’s nose.

I love the creative life and the freedom of creativity…