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Went on a Bird Walk with the Oconee Rivers Audubon Society this Saturday and was suppose to be looking up for birds and getting their pictures…..but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the ground. It had just rained and the forest was a mixture of beautiful greens and browns…occasionally the sun would lend some dabbled patches of light…and the forest floor would radiate with song. Oh yes…I really enjoyed seeing the birds…even got to see a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo…but the things on the ground made better pictures….

So here is Mr. Turtle….a new red eyed friend I made….I think I caught him in the middle of eating his lunch.


And here is Mrs. Sime-Mold….she is doing her thing…her little arms (the small strands of yellow) are busily looking for a new source of food….she’s got to keep the family happily nourished and together.