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Started a new job this past October…and the learning curve has been a douse. But life goes on and we must adapt…or make some sort of effort at it.

The hardest adjustment was going from being virtually outside all day to being cooped up in a windowless office behind a computer screen…. Yes, some of you know my pain.

Anyways….there are some saving graces to my new job.

  • It’s at a major American University
  • I get to attend art and museum lectures almost every week during my lunch break
  • Today went to listen to the Universities music professors play
  • Get to spend many lunch breaks outside surrounded by a beautiful environment on an energetic campus

That last point has been a spring board for my next photo project. I have been been snapping pictures with my Nikon and am ready to share a few of them with you…. Gonna call this project “Campus Life + Black and White.”

The first picture to launch this new body of work is of the iconic Sanford Stadium….



I am in no way a football type person…but know and love many people who are….however I did fall in love with the massiveness of the Stadium sign…It is a hulk of a thing and dwarfs anyone who passes in front of it…ie the top picture…see how little the gal walking by is.

The bottom picture was back-lit with the sun which managed to twinkle a few rays across the front. Makes the concrete structure seem breathless with life.

So stop by every once in a while to catch glimpses of this UGA project….hope you find some inspiration and beauty in it.