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I have used Lightroom  for processing RAW photos for some time now….but really wanted to try taking photos using the HDR process. So finally got software that can layer the bracketed photos….and here is my first try at it.

These are not the greatest  HDR photos….but I was so excited to have finally been able to do HDR photos just had to share them any way…

Both of these photos were taken just a few miles from our house. I pass these fields everyday on my way to work.

The first photo is of a pecan tree with thunder clouds in the background….pecans are one of the last trees in our area to put on leaves in the spring…so the tree is looking a little sparse. ..but this allowed the sky to seep through the branches.


This second picture is of a stand of manicured pines taken in the early evening on my drive home….the rancher of this property keeps his fields and fences in top shape…..in the morning the sun rises up through pines….hopefully some morning I’ll have the time to stop and get a picture of the sunrise…


This picture turned out a little over the top….since I really raised the contrast and clarity sliders in Lightroom during the processing step… It may be a little much and overly punchy….but felt it made for a visually stimulating shot and left it that way.

or maybe that was just the way I was feeling…..