Flowering Magnolia…..


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The other day I came across leafless tree full of white blooms. From a distance the flowers looked very daisy like….after asking around I found out the tree was in the Mongolia family.

They day I shot these photos the sky was completely overcast….hence the images are a little flat….but it rained the next day and not a single bloom was left after the downpour…so I was really glad I took the pictures while I had the chance.




Orchids at the Georgia Botanical Garden…


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It has been raining a lot here in Georgia…so last week for lunch I went to the University of Georgia’a State Botanical Garden. The conservatory always has an area for orchids, but that day orchids were everywhere. Hundreds of blooms….everywhere….



A kind elderly volunteer with a warm smile made comments on the flowers as he floated around meeting the guests…was a great hour spent!





Sequoia National Forest….


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At 12…. I was an avid National Geographic watcher and reader….well maybe picture reader. Can’t believe I didn’t major in photojournalism or biology.

The photo that got me hooked on the wonderment of these trees…was an image of a car driving through the bottom of a Sequoia. I remember making I promise to myself that day, to go out west and see a Sequoia for myself.

Finally got to go… and that day was my birthday…I turned 46.

Me and my son standing inside a giant Sequoia...

Me and my son standing inside a giant Sequoia…



One of the giants had fallen down....my kids are pictured here....think you get the idea how small people are next to these trees.

One of the giants had fallen down….my kids are pictured here….think you get the idea how small people are next to these trees.

Hats Off to Early Dismissal….


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Georgia had another round of ice last week. Governor Deal called for a state of emergency and all of us got to leave work early. So what better way to spend a free afternoon than with our families four legged friends. Snapped a few photos of them while we just hung out.

This is Autumn…I’ve posted pictures of her before. She is our wild kitty. Her mother was a feral cat and Autumn is at times…. testy. When we pet her we have to be careful because we never know when her mood will change….but we still love her….and her mood always changes for the better when you call her “Pretty Kitty.”


Next, is Pantherina….we call her Panther for short. She has been a part of our family for 11 years and she is a sweetie. She never bites or scratches.


Next up is Pettie….forgive his bad teeth…he is getting old. Over 6 years ago he got dumped off at our house. He was skin-n- bones and scared of everything and everyone. Took him over year to stop snapping at the kids. But now we is a very mellow Jack-Russel Chihuahua mix. Got this picture of him while he was laying next to a heater warming himself….the smile on his face was from a belly rub.


Lastly up is Bruno. He just turned two….and he is huge. Bruno was a little thing when someone dumped him and his brother off at a neighbor’s house. When we brought Bruno home he hugged me all the way and peed on my jacket. He is our big baby.


Joshua Tree National Park….


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Our family got the chance to visit southern California… and one of the beautiful places we got to visit was Joshua Tree National Park. The park was enormous and we only got to drive through about half of it. There are plenty of places to pull off to get out of the car and go exploring.

Even though the temperature was in the low 80’s …it being the desert….it felt much hotter….and the intensity of the sun was a bit overwhelming….but none of this stopped our kids from scrambling up onto the boulders and wondering down a path or two.

Below are a few pictures of that day….I decided to make these photos as black and whites…felt like it really expressed the starkness of the desert’s beauty.





Campus Life + Black and White 3


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No series of the University of Georgia campus would be complete without a picture of the Arch located on north campus. Students aren’t suppose to go under the Arch until after they graduate. Hence… the two students veering to the side as they pass by the Arch.



Campus Life + Black and White


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Pictured here is the main library at the University of Georgia. This library is located on North Campus and is surrounded by large mature trees.

As an undergraduate, way back in the late 80’s, I spent hours and hours on the top floor of this library sifting through their large collection of art and photography books. It was here I daydreamed about and later planned on visiting art museums around the world. This library was the place I learned about other cultures and ideas….this naturally fostered a love for traveling.

Needless to say this is a very special place for me and I have very fond memories from my time spent under its roof. Hopefully in the near future I’ll get to see that top floor again….and spend some time daydreaming about other cultures….ideas….places….and plan a trip to a new place I haven’t visited yet.

north campus library 3

included this view in the series because of the claw like tree in the front....

included this view in the series because of the claw like tree in the front….

north campus library 1

See ya on the top floor….