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Started a new series of photos called “Living with Teens”. As parents we all tend to think our kids are the best….and we are no exception. Our kids are hard working….do well in school…and most importantly they still like to hang out with us….the parents.

This first picture is of our son….he is a freshman in college and is studying mechanical engineering. His classes are crazy hard and he spends hours studying….and yes he is still living at home. We are fortunate enough to live near a major university and his goal is to get out debt free.

So here he is…. hours after his last exam for the semester…..he promises after sufficient time of chilling out he will clean his room….we shall see. By the way….the computer pictured here….he and his sister built it. Ok…I know that was a parent brag there….sorry….but my kids never cease to amaze me.


Next is our daughter…and yes she is stressing. Not only does she have regular exams to take but 4 AP test…..she is a real go getter and wants to study Physics in college….few more days sweetie so hang in there.

DSC_0043Not sure what pictures are ahead for this series….but ready and excited to see what happens.